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Mentalism Card Trick

Solus by Marc Spelmann

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‘Marc showed me 'Solus' years ago and I really wanted to release it. But it's been worth the wait as the refinements he has made since make this a beautiful theatrical masterpiece.’ Peter Nardi

'Solus is brilliant, a solid method, easy to perform with an intriguing presentation and a killer twist they won't see coming.’ Christian Grace

Marc Spelmann is a prolific creator but very rarely releases material to the magic fraternity. His reason is quite simple, unless he has something to add and or something he has truly worked in, it simply remains in his notes.

Solus has been and still is very much part of Marc's repertoire, he has honed the scripting, nuances, routining and finer details over 20 years. After hundreds of performances at The Magic Circle and private events world wide, Solus has become far more than just a trick, it is a routined presentation that astonishes Marc’s audiences.

Starting with a shuffled pack of playing cards and a demonstration of memorisation, followed by a peek behind the curtain where Marc gives his audience an insight into the techniques he uses before finalising with a unique plot twist where every element has been about subconscious influence unbeknownst to the audience, Solus has the audience hooked from the very start and turns everything they believed upside down and inside out.

They thought they could name any card but there can be only one.

‘It is rare to see a routine as mind-blowing as this that is so incredibly practical with a brilliant presentation and twist.’ Craig Petty