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Spirit Slate

Spirit Name Tag By TCC

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Product Description
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The Spirit Slates is a classic mentalism effect that has been around for over a century, and it has become a favorite among magicians and mentalists. There are various versions of this effect, with different sizes and materials, from plastic to wood.

In order to share this wonder with more people and to continue the tradition, we have collaborated with Axel Vergnaud to present Spirit NameTag, a true everyday carry version of the Spirit Slates.

The Spirit NameTag takes into account the pros and cons of different versions of the Spirit Slates. After months of experimentation, we have reduced the size of the traditional two large slates and replaced them with luggage tags, making it more practical and in line with modern life, and bringing the Spirit Slates effect into the world of EDC magic.

With the Spirit NameTag, you can now perform the Spirit Slates effect anytime and anywhere, no longer limited to formal and professional performances. You remove two blank luggage tags from your keychain, place them on the table, and turn them over to reveal what the audience has in mind.

To better match the look of luggage tags, the Spirit NameTag is made of ABS plastic and covered with a waterproof film that also allows you to use whiteboard markers and oil-based markers like Sharpie to write your prediction.

Its gimmick ensures complete silence during activation. The process is fully automatic, making it easy to perform. All you have to do is put the two tags together, without shaking or flipping them, and the effect happens.

The size of each luggage tag is 6cm * 3.5cm (approximately 2.4 * 1.4 inches), making it portable and visually appealing. It is also a 1:1 replica of everyday luggage tags, with identical appearance and texture. You can attach it to a keychain and carry it anywhere.

A variety of effects can be performed with the Spirit NameTag, including Prediction, Spirit Writing, Handwriting Appearing or Disappearing, Memory Manipulation, and more. You can also utilize a single tag and the gimmick to expand its usage, making it flexible for different situations.

The Spirit NameTag is a modernized version of the classic Spirit Slates, and it may be one of the most suitable Spirit Slates for performing anywhere, anytime.


  • Modernized Spirit Slates
  • True Everyday Carry
  • Completely Silent Trigger
  • Automatic Process and Easy to Perform
  • Made of ABS plastic and Coated with Waterproof Film, both Whiteboard Markers and Sharpies can be used.


  • A Keychain
  • Two Tags and a Gimmick
  • A Plunger

Please note that ordinary whiteboard markers and Sharpies are NOT included with the product, and you will need to provide these yourself. We recommend using both types of markers, as each has unique benefits that can be useful in different situations.