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Mentalism Trick

Switch Board by Martin Andersen

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Product Description
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An Alakazam UK Exclusive. Limited availability whilst stocks last.

The "Magic Switch Box" is an effect created decades ago, with a few switches and different coloured bulbs. The wiring is visible; it is obvious to know which switch turns on which bulb.

The magic begins when the colours of the bulbs are mixed, but each switch turns on the bulb of its corresponding colour, even though the electrical connections do not match.

The classic versions only allowed the basic effect: mixing the colours of the bulbs.

New versions appeared that allowed for a few different effects, but still performed the same routine. For some, this routine may be a bit long, for others, it is insufficient or unsuitable. It also cannot be repeated for the same audience, since the same effects occur and in the same order.

The main downside is that the public often feels like there is something hidden controlling the operation, and most versions have parts that are not visible or suspicious. This is why quite often it looks more like a puzzle or riddle and rarely gives the impression of being magical.


This is not a new effect and there are already several versions on the market. What is the special feature of the Switch Board?

This version is the smallest we can imagine: an electronic circuit only 1.6 mm thick. On this circuit are welded 4 switches, 4 bulb holders and a battery holder. There is no place to hide anything!

We have thought of a powerful and magical ending that will leave audiences in awe.

It brings 2 easy-to-perform pre-recorded routines, and the ability to create 3 additional routines to your liking. This allows you to have 5 routines in the same circuit, being able to use whatever you want at any time. You can show the Switch Board to the same audience but with a different routine.

It offers 7 different effects that you can choose from to create your own routines.

Our bulbs are LED (low power consumption and longer life), they are large and have a light diffuser. This allows the light to be viewed perfectly from any angle.

The program that controls the entire operation of the control panel is open source. This means you can tweak it to your liking and reprogram your circuit to change how it works if you know how and feel like it.

Routines and Effects

The circuit allows you to have 5 different routines. Two of them are programmed, one is basic, and the other is intermediate. So you can use it as you receive it without any complications.

In total, you can do 5 routines with your Switch Board. You can choose at any time the routine to be performed. The reset is instantaneous and you choose the routine in front of the audience without any suspicion, so you can perform a different routine in front of the same audience.

To build the routines, we have 7 possible effects. The effects are different from each other and allow you to build the routine gradually in strength and complexity.

Create routines

With a few sequences of turning the switches on and off, you can create a new routine, choose the effects you want to do, in what order, if you want to repeat them, etc. There is a step by step video that explains this and it is very simple. If you don't want them anymore, you can change them as many times as you want.

What about magic?

In addition to the magic and the effects of the Switch Board, we chose to take it a step further, we wanted the effect to have a magical ending.

Regardless of the routines or presentations, we wanted to be able to end the routine with a powerful and unforgettable effect. If there is anyone left with a sense of indifference, end them for good.

The spectator touches and chooses

All the choices that can be made with the Switch Board are free. When it is necessary to change a colour, to mix the bulbs, to choose a position ... the spectator always chooses freely.

Before, during and after, the Switchboard can be in the spectator's hands. He is fully examinable, he can look at it and touch it, and there is nothing he cannot understand. They can flip switches and reposition bulbs, but the circuit will only do magic when the magician wants it to.

If you have a good handle on your audience, you can let them do it all. If you are not sure, you can hold the circuit in your hands and show the effects, and let them check the circuit several times during these steps. Either way, they feel complete freedom or transparency at all times.

A tested and improved product

Did you know that the Switch Board has been tested and approved by independent beta testers around the world?

9 magicians from 5 countries with experience in different fields (engineers, teachers, and manufacturers, amateur and professional magicians ...) tested the product for a month and gave their opinion. Thanks to their comments and suggestions, we have created an even better product. We've included a "quick start guide", we've simplified the routines, made a more robust product, increased the magic power, included a carry bag ... A   lot of their opinions have been used to improve the product. We left a perfect product of which we are very proud, but also very grateful, because without their help it would not have been the same.


The instructions can be found online on our website, they consist of videos and texts (in Spanish, French and English) which cover all aspects of the product.

In addition to the product instructions, we include several presentation ideas so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

You receive :

An electronic circuit

10 LED bulbs: 2 red, 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 blue and 2 white

4 prediction bulbs

18 colored caps:

2 red, 2 yellow, 2 green and 2 blue (silicone)

2 red, 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 blue and 2 white (rubber)

2 rechargeable button batteries

Charger for rechargeable button cells

Black velvet carry bag

Metal transport box with foam interior

Quick Start Guide

Product Registration Card