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The 446 Mix - Redefining Rubiks Cube Magic

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Product Description
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** No cube is provided with this product.

The 466 Mix allows you to do the ultimate impromptu Rubik’s cube effect. Using just one set of moves, you are able  to solve the cube to a freely named  color, then using the same set of moves you are quickly able to get back to a completely solved cube. (The fact that you only have one set of moves to learn, is unique to the 446 Mix). 


If you perform Rubik’s cube magic, this concept will fit in perfectly with other cube routines you already do. Or, most of you will have your favorite stack and instant solve, in which case, combining them with the 446 Mix will give you a perfect impromptu cube routine. 


We teach the move in great detail and how to hide it from your audience. We also give you other resources which take this concept much further. 


The main aim is to show you what’s possible when you eliminate the usual Rubik’s cube gimmicks, props and multiple cubes, and just want to perform with one single cube.