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The Art Of The Magi By Reese Goodley

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Product Description
We are so proud to be bringing this book to the Magic and Mentalism community.

If you are serious about really making a meaningful impact on your spectators, you NEED to read this book. This is about creating REAL magic, far beyond just tricks.

Reese Goodley has been making waves in the mentalism community with his unique way of thinking and passion for creating truly special moments using magic and mentalism.


I’m so proud to announce my book The Art of the Magi is being released by Ace Magic Studio.

This is so much more than a book, it is a philosophy and a different way of looking at powerful mentalism as a whole and is suitable for magicians, mentalists, bizarre magic and psychic entertainers.

It is a look into what I consider to be real magic and wizards in a modern world.

This is not primarily a book of effects though there are a few in here, it’s my theories, philosophies and approach to mentalism.

In this book I share with you the real secrets behind appearing ‘credible’, how to use your personality and performance to help people, how to develop / refine yourself/ your character , how to connect with your audience, how to create/ invent effects and unlock your true creative potential.

I have carefully constructed each section to help you push the limits of your own capabilities to reach your true potential.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re not fully achieving what you want to achieve this book will help you realise why.

I have poured my everything into this and I hope you feel that when you read it

Here are the forewords from Gary Sumpter...

When Reese came to us to produce The Art of the Magi, I was over the moon.

Reese was one of the original buyers of my What’s Cooking? Booktest and someone that loved it as much as I did.

I have watched Reese blossom over the past few years, really making a statement with his unique thinking and methodology. I love his work and for Reese to come to us to help with this project is awesome.

When I read The Art of the Magi, it really got me thinking about my own style of magic and mentalism. Not a lot makes me really stop and think, but this did.

Reese has an incredible way of looking at this beautiful art that we all love and we can all take inspiration from him.

His true appreciation for what it really means to be a magician is something that we should all strive to replicate.

The information within this book is intended for those that wish to really make an impact with their magic and mentalism. Not just perform tricks, but create real magic.

You already have this book in your hands, the rest is up to you...

I really hope that reading this book will have a positive impact on your performing style and outlook towards your magic, it certainly has on mine!

Gary Sumpter