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Close Up Trick

The Multi Wallet By Leo Smetsers

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Product Description
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The Multi Wallet by Leo Smetsers is super cool.  

Leo has taken a Himber style design and tweaked it to perfection making it more practical than ever.

The Multi Wallet is not only a beautifully made Himber Wallet but it also hides a super slick loading system that will allow you to load cards and other small objects into the windowed compartment.

Imagine how clean this will make even a simple card to wallet routine look.

A card is selected, signed and lost back into the deck.  You now remove your wallet, show it empty and hand it to your spectators to hold.  Even though they have seen quite clearly that the wallet is empty the card (yes their actual signed card) can be made to appear inside the wallet at any moment you choose!

The multi wallet really does open up some crazy-visual possibilities!

Not only will you receive this custom made gorgeous wallet but you will also get a full instructional video delivered directly into your Alakazam Account.