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Card Trick

The Rainman Deck by Dean James and Dave Frith

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Regular price £34.99
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Product Description
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From Dean James and Dave Frith comes Rainman a marked deck that opens up a new world of possibilities.

Rainman is a beautifully designed deck that holds a whole host of very powerful secrets.

Take a look at some of the unique features   

The first multi marked deck that enables a performer to accurately weigh the cards

The first marked deck to support being able to deal out a royal flush .

The first fully coded multi marked deck .

Code learnt in minutes

Deck can be scrutinized by anyone (the code is so well hidden it cannot be seen even by a seasoned magician) .

Once the code is learnt marks can be seen from up to 3 feet away.

Unique Jokers that can force cards hidden in plain site on the face of the jokers,

Gives the ability to allow you dead-cut named cards or any amount of cards called.

Ability to detect either a red or black card , .

2 one way force markings.

Secret crib on tuck of box disguised as a bar code that allows mnemonicans to call out the total value of the cards cut with his back turned from the deck.

A stack workers dream, a killer weapon to mnemonicans and to none mnemonicans users. As long as the Rainman is in stack it is the most deadly marked deck in existence

Tried and tested by seasoned professionals this is a huge push forward in mark decks.

Over 2 hours of tuition.

Play with the Advantage, play with Rainman.


Order your Rainman today and start performing feats you never thought possible!