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Card Trick

Torn and Restored Transpo By David Williamson

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Product Description
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It’s an effect in the working repertoire of many of magic’s BEST creators and performers: David Blaine, Justin Willman, Dan White, Blake Vogt, and countless more.

Torn & Restored Transpo is a devastating card magic routine in which a card is visibly TORN, changed, and RESTORED - all in the spectator’s hands. As performed by David Blaine for Tyra Banks on his ABC television special - watch now!

Why is it SO good?

It’s consistently one of the hardest hitting effects a spectator will ever witness. Crazy reactions - EVERY single time. Tested and perfected over 30 years, spanning tens of thousands of performances across the globe. It’s multiple phases - each one building on the last.

Learn multiple versions of this masterpiece from the creator himself.

David Williamson is widely considered to be one of the most entertaining and skilled magicians of our time. Learn the psychology, timing, and presentation from the creator and performer himself. Perform with any deck. T&R Transpo comes with enough supplies to let you perform with a Red Bicycle deck 50+ times. Ready to finally get those reactions you always wanted? Look no further.