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Mentalism Trick

Vegas Choice Pocket by Martin Peirce & Gary Sumpter

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Product Description
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Alakazam Magic and Ace Magic Studio have joined forces to bring you this awesome pocket sized update of Vegas Choice.

This is truly a wonderful piece of mentalism that will amaze and entertain your audiences.

We noticed a gap in the market for a good workable diary trick. Nothing in this category we considered exciting or magically strong.

We wanted to create a diary effect that contained the following criteria;

  • A diary that didn't use playing cards on dates.
  • Having visually colourful and exciting looking props in play that could be fully examined at anytime during a performance.
  • A plausible storyline for using the diary with a built in and entertaining interactive routine.
  • Creating an incredible hard hitting finish with the spotlight on the spectator.
  • Ensuring the amazing final predictions that match up at the end could have totally different outcomes

We have achieved all these goals and more with Vegas Choice.

  • It's easy to do
  • Fun to perform 
  • No reset needed
  • No switching necessary
  • No fishing required
  • The spectator will genuinely make every single choice on each occasion
  • Finally 100% accuracy is guaranteed with every single performance of Vegas Choice.

Gary has developed a major love for Las Vegas over the years and his graphic designer skills rate second to none.

He always finds an ingenious way of putting something a bit extra into a magic effect to make it that bit more special. We have combined this with my random outside the box thinking and methodology to create this wonderful effect. 

We are proud to bring Vegas Choice Pocket to the magic community. 

The Effect

A travel planner is introduced and freely examined by a spectator.

The planner lists recommendations on how to achieve the most amazing experiences when visiting the city of Las Vegas.

The best places to stay, the most exciting things to do, the finest restaurants to dine in, and the greatest shows to see. The spectator verifies that there the planner contains completely different events available on completely different dates throughout the year.

You explain that you are lucky enough to be in Las Vegas for a while next year and will be taking in the wonderful suggestions that are listed in the planner whilst you are there.

You are really excited about it. There is though one day in particular that you are most looking forward to and it truly promises to be your most exciting 24 hours of all time.

The reason for this is because all your favourite Las Vegas experiences will be happening on this date.

You now announce that it's time to play a game and test the intuition of a spectator.

An envelope is placed on a table, the contents of this envelope are removed and displayed to your audience. They contain beautiful Last Vegas postcards depicting the following; 

2 hotels: The Bellagio/Caesers Palace

2 day adventures: helicopter ride over the Las Vegas strip/Grand Canyon visit

2 restaurants: Gordon Ramsay/In-N-Out Burger 

And finally 2 shows: Blue Man Group/The Ultimate Variety Show

The idea of the game is to see whether a spectator can use their intuition and match up all of the favourite things that you are looking forward to experiencing so much on your perfect Las Vegas day.

Starting with the hotel postcards you ask them which one of the two hotels they think that you would like to stay in the most. They then place this hotel postcard in the envelope.

Ask that all predictions that this spectator is making to be kept secret from you for the time being but can be freely shown to anyone else.

Next the exciting daytime adventure postcards are shown and once again your chosen helper selects which activity they think you would enjoy the most. The appropriate postcard is also placed in this envelope.

Time for a restaurant to be picked now, do they think you are a fine dining burger person or a greasy chip one. A third postcard of the spectator's choice is duly added to the envelope.

Lastly an evening show has to be chosen that would complete your perfect day. On this occasion the spectator is instructed to hold the 2 postcards face down underneath the table and mix them up.

They are going to use their intuition and select one without them even knowing. This unknown selection is now placed in the envelope. 

The spectator has completed their part of the game and placed four choices in the envelope. Remember the last choice was made without anyone knowing so the identity of the four postcards in the envelope would be a complete mystery to even the spectator. Now it's time to see how well they judged you.

You announce the date that you are so looking forward to in the travel planner, the 8th of August for example. This will be the day that you will be experiencing all of your favourite things in Las Vegas.

The travel planner is now opened on this date by any audience member. This person then reads aloud the information, the hotel to stay in on this date, along with the daytime adventure planned, the restaurant to dine in and finally the show to see.

The spectator who made all the choices then opens the envelope up and the four postcards are revealed. Incredibly the four experiences just announced and the four postcards are four perfect matches.

This is truly amazing mentalism!!!!

Ask your spectator how they did it and thank them for participating in the game. 

Whilst receiving your plaudits pop all the postcards in the envelope and retrieve the travel planner. You are instantly reset to entertain and blow some more minds with Vegas Choice.

The great new pocket sized book is A6 size (105 x 148 mm) and the Postcards are A6 (105 x 148 mm).