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Performance Accesories

Volcano by Mickael Castrale Bela

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Regular price £24.99
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Regular price £24.99
Regular price £40.00 GBP Sale price £24.99
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Product Description

Every performer wants to make a positive lasting impression. Imagine a device that allows you to accomplish this consistently. Volcano is it!

This new flash device by Mickael Castrale Bela produced by Magic Dream is exactly the product that will easily deliver that head-turning burst of flame.

Volcano is the ultimate accentuation device that will exponentially amp up any occasion or routine.

If you’re looking to provide that “WOW” moment – you will absolutely love Volcano!
Volcano is perfectly integrated into the hood of your Sharpie ®, this flasher is particularly ergonomic and will earn premium placement in your arsenal as a contemporary magical secret weapon.

Designed via plastic injection, it is resistant to shocks and heat. This
mechanical flasher uses the highly reliable Clipper ® brand flint wheel system. 

Volcano is a non-electronic prop and as such it will fire 100% of the time – allowing you to use it according to your changing needs and with absolute confidence.
The gimmick fits perfectly.

Just replace the original cap with this custom engineered
replacement with confidence.

Your marker will not be noticed during handling - even during close-up performances.
While its main function is “the element of surprise” by creating a powerful burst of fire (as with previous flashers) – however the Volcano has the stealthy feature of execution along with discretion and reliability! Exceptionally practical, you have nothing to load or unload in your pocket.

Naturally grab your marker (just as you normally would) and in a few
thousandths of a second – create an unforgettable moment of surprise. Human nature can’t help but to be stimulated and visually awed by the intensity that Volcano produces.

Every head in the house will turn – trust us – when you incorporate Volcano. The applications of use are unlimited for both the art of magic or as just an comedic ice-breaker.

Note: Flash cotton is necessary but does not come with this product. Sparkle additive can also be applied with flash cotton if desired. Important: The product does not require a large amount of flash cotton to get a respectable flash.

• Very discreet.
• Exceptionally easy to use.
• Custom engineered stealth design.
• Versatile prop with consistent reliability.
• Ultra visual effect.
• Misdirection / Vanishes / Appearances.
• Replace your marker cap - directly on your Sharpie ®.
• 100 % mechanical.

• Replaceable wheel and flint.
• Works for right-handed and left-handed.
• Can be used as a powerful ice breaker or to get someone’s attention.
• As every Magic Dream Label product, instructions provided in both English and French
• Perfect for close-up, parlour and social medias.

IMPORTANT: This is item is not suitable for any ages less than 18.
Purchase and use under your own responsibility.