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Weddings I Do Softback By Wayne Goodman

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Product Description
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Wayne Goodman has done it again, following the success of the Expert at the Restaurant Table, Wayne now shares with you the inner secrets to working as a full time wedding magician.
Wayne dives into each subject, revealing not only the ideas, concepts and strategies that worked, but also showing you things that did not work enabling you from making the same mistakes he did.
Chapters include
Wedding fayres
The Bride and Groom
Getting Booked
Wedding Suppliers
Types of magic
Wayne has even included a chapter on working in untapped markets which is aimed at the untapped US market where magic at weddings is not a usual entertainment. Following the information in this book will enable you to hit the ground running and set yourself up as a fully bookable wedding magician.
Wayne has also included a section of routines and effects that he uses exclusively for weddings that has never been shared or revealed before.
Buy this book now and make an investment that will be beneficial to your career for many many years to come.