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You Are Sooo Funny! (Putting Comedy Into Your Magic Show) by Alan Rich - Book

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Product Description
Do you get applause, but not much laughter? Wouldn't it be wonderful to generate both? This book can help you reach an audience's funny bone, from a true professional magician and comedian.

"We have seen many professional as well as amateur magicians using the same old corny jokes we have heard for years. I think it is time for an upgrade!
"This book breaks the mold and shares simple ways to increase the comedic value of a magic show. The exciting news is that they do not have to become comedians and joke writers to be funny. The book comes with my original material; 200 jokes and 25 gags. And, that is just the beginning, even though it is in the back of the book.
"I also teach ways of finding humor ethically, using humor that fits a performer's character, and finding their natural sense of humor. It is a fast and fun read that will make an enormous difference in any magic show. This is an invaluable book to sell with the purchase of magic tricks and magic books. After all, it is the performance value that makes the difference between a person doing a trick and a person being a magical entertainer.
"Great for the beginner as well as the professional who wants to be 'Sooo Funny!' Thank you!"
- Alan Rich

Performance Reviews

"I really enjoyed your show last night at The Magic Castle, Alan. The magic was clean and the comedy superb. My congratulations!"
- Jay Scott Berry

"You made me cry, laughing so hard at the show you gave us at the Magic Castle a few weeks ago. I absolutely love the magic."
- Regina Kikuchi

"You are funny as hell!"
- Michelle Vaughn

"A performance by Alan Rich leaves everyone amused and thoroughly puzzled with his silky sleight of hand and great laughs. His tranquil exterior belies a rapier-witted showman, and he is intuitively funny..."
- Los Angeles Times

"Seeing Alan's comedy magic is like being on an emotional roller coaster ride - One moment you are laughing so hard, tears are running down your face. The next, you are in complete silence, awed by his sleight of hand..."
- Helen Shao

"I have been to the Magic Castle a rough ten times now and I can confidently say that I have never laughed so much during a performance."
- Aimee Tabachnick

"I saw your show at the Magic Castle and it was amazing. Not only was your magic top notch, your comedy was the funniest I've seen in any magic act. I was laughing so hard, my stomach was sore the next morning. I haven't laughed that hard in ten years. Thanks for the laughs and entertaining show."
- Chad Anderson

"Alan, you are 'The Man!!' Wonderful show late last night. You were HILARIOUS!!"
- Chaz Hill

"Alan is an awesome combination of both a highly skilled sleight of hand magician, and a very funny and clever comedian..."
- Sam Sparks

"...laughed my butt off the entire time! I literally was in tears at all Alan's improvs and witty jokes..."
- Jennifer Cangemi