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Beginners Card Magic Academy

Zero To Hero 2 2018 Complete Course By John Carey Instant Download

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Product Description

Download this entire six lesson course today and start your journey to becoming a card magic hero! 

Alakazam Magic and the online Academy are delighted to announce that we will be holding a new Zero to Hero card magic course in January and February with John Carey!

The first 6 week course earlier this year was a fantastic success and the students from around the world who joined us each week were thrilled with the learning experience, as you will see on the Alakazam website and Facebook pages.

We've had so many magicians from around the world contact us asking if another course will be held. We have listened to them and so here it is!

The course is divided into 6 weekly lessons, starting from the raw basics of card magic, teaching the basic sleights, tools and concepts and progressing each week and also teaching myriad effects which show the application of the techniques. If you've ever wanted to learn card magic this is truly the finest way to do so in the industry today.

Join John Carey, Peter Nardi, Dave Loosley, Harry Nardi and Sarah Stott each week as we shoot live with state of the art equipment from the Academy studio. You will be able to ask questions there and then and get the answers. We also have a dedicated Facebook group for students to interact. Each lesson will be stored in your account for streaming and download.

This isn't a lecture. It's like being in the same room with John as he patiently and enthusiastically takes you from zero to hero! In a short space of time you will amaze yourself as you perform astonishing card magic.

The final week of this 6 week course will be our graduation party where John will present a live super session of 12 powerful and practical effects you will love. Please note this session is completely different in content from the first course we held.

We expect demand to be very high for this course. With Christmas on the horizon we truly believe this will make a fantastic gift for you or the magician in your life! Take advantage of our early bird discounted price of £79.99, saving 20% on the full price of the course (strictly limited to the first 50 seats). We very much look forward to see you there!


        New Zero to Hero Card Magic Syllabus


Lesson 1:

  1. Overhand shuffle fundamentals

The run shuffle

The slip shuffle

The lift shuffle

The jog shuffle

The optical overhand false shuffle

2 effects with these tools.

a: Jog shuffle Ace production

b: Slip shuffle aces

c: Spectator cuts the Aces

False cuts

The running cut

The Jay Ose false cut

The Gary Oulette false cut and John Guastaferro spread variant

The Bobby Bernard false cut

The Frank Thompson false cut- table and in the hands versions.

 3 effects with these tools

  1. Flash Ace opener- Frank Thompson
  2. Matched Picture cards- Nick Trost
  3. Lost and found Aces-Al Leech

 Card controls:

The drop cut control

The overhand shuffle control

The oops control!

The Vernon shuttle cut control

Double undercut top and bottom control.

Tabled Bluff control

Rosenthal bottom control

D'amico multiple shift control

Couture Swivel control

Thompson Bluff pass

Effects with controls

  1. The slop shuffle
  2. A stop trick
  3. A card and a number using Rosenthal control
  4. Two card Transpo with Thompson bluff pass
  5. One eyed Jack Sandwich

Lesson 2:


The cross cut card force

Bannons Christ cross force

The cut deeper force

The riffle force

The dribble force

The self working dribble force!

Lift shuffle force

Stealth Force One!

The reverse spread force


  1. Crandall revelation
  2. The Egyptian pocket mystery
  3. Card at any number with reverse spread force

Key cards:

Basic bottom card key card

The open key card control

Vernon's key card control

Effects with the key card:

  1. The Circus card trick
  2. Pseudo memory routine
  3. Vernon's emotional reaction

More effects!

  1. One deck do as I do
  2. Open Prediction
  3. Gemini Mates
  4. The moveless pass
  5. All 4 One!

Lesson 3:Double Lift

Basic get ready version

Hit double lift

Do's and don'ts.


  1. Chad Long's 19
  2. Chicago Opener
  3. Rise and Switch Transpo
  4. Daley Aces
  5. Roy Walton's Time Machine

The Glimpse:

The all around square up glimpse

The table tap glimpse

The faro glimpse

The scissors glimpse

The riffle shuffle glimpse

The side jog glimpse

An effect with a glimpse

  1. If we could turn back time-,using scissors glimpse

False counts:

The Elmsley count

The Biddle count

The Hamman count

Tricks with these counts

  1. Twisting the Aces
  2. Your cards are my cards!
  3. The Biddle trick
  4. Kaleidoscope

More effects:

  1. Spectator on stage
  2. Stealth Assembly
  3. Simple assembly
  4. Time Traveler

Lesson 4: Tools and utilities

  1. Eddie Fechter force
  2. Hindu key card placement
  3. Split and spread control and force
  4. Mike Gallo bluff control
  5. Frank Thompson Bluff pass
  6. Optical shuffle force.


  1. The Ambitious Card- a routine plus toolbox of various ambitious moves:-
  2. Depth Illusion/Tilt- Dai Vernon
  3. The Mike Gallo bluff pass
  4. The standard bluff pass
  5. The Pirandello false cut- Jeff Semel
  6. The misdirection false cut to table.

5a. The Forte cut.

  1. The paint brush change.
  2. Up the falls sequence.
  3. The double whammy.
  4. The pop up card finale.
  5. Simple sandwich- 3 card catch Rheinhard Mueller
  6. Oil and Water Biddle version
  7. Jackrobats!- Frank Garcia
  8. The mind reading Queens

More effects and techniques

  1. A mystery in time
  2. 76 sandwich
  3. Cartomantic card force
  4. Tamariz Force
  5. Jennings Hindu Force
  6. Think...
  7. Subtle Prefiguration
  8. 8 Card Brainwave

Lesson 5:

The Hofzinser Cull

The technique

The finesse

The control

Hofzinser cull force:

  1. Fred Robinson method
  2. Carey method 1- hands Hof!
  3. Carey method 2-finessed Hofzinser force

The Erdnase colour change- The technique, finesse and do's and don'ts.


  1. Oil and water #2 slow motion version
  2. Whispering joker using cull and colour change
  3. Sub rising sandwich

The Top Palm:

  1. Vernon's topping the deck method
  2. The one hand top Palm
  3. The Joe Berg multiple top Palm

Two effects with palming.

  1. The homing card
  2. Classic 3 cards across

Lesson 6: A Carey live super session! This will be our graduation party. John will teach you 16 powerful and practical effects you are going to love!

  1. Deal and Decide. A beautiful mystery built around the premise of a dream!
  2. 1002 Aces. An Alex Elmsley Classic you will love performing.
  3. A la Goldman. A real fooler. This is Carey's favourite 2 deck effect and its self working!
  4. Mental Reverse. A little seen Ed Marlo miracle.
  5. Matching the cards. John's version of this classic is so subtle.
  6. Easy Open or closed. You will love John's handling of the open prediction.
  7. Whispering Ambitions. Simply a beautiful small packet effect loaded with magic.
  8. Think n sync 2.0. John's favourite mental card miracle!
  9. Snapshot. An amazing translocation of 3 signed cards. So simple but so good!
  10. The Carey Oil and Water. A beautiful 4 phase routine.
  11. Slow motion sandwich. An effect of John's friend Ed Oschmann that you will add to your repertoire immediately.
  12. Ambitious classic. We finish this amazing super session with Carey performing and teaching his handling of a beautiful Larry Jennings effect.
  13. Hanging Coins Redux
  14. Melt!
  15. Streamlined Prediction
  16. Ambitious Pocket Interchange

Course conclusion and questions and answers session live!

Can’t make the date or time?  Don’t worry, the course will be saved into your account for you to watch or download.

**Please note due to the live nature of our courses the syllabus and or dates may be subject to chang